Largo do Pixinga

“No Largo do Pixinga” Group: “Beco dos Contadores” Synopsis ”No largo do Pixinga, it’s a theatric musical having the figure of a musician, instrumentalist and composer called Alfredo da Rocha...

Ricardo Silveira

Ricardo Silveira Quarteto

Ricardo Silveira is a professional musician since 1976, playing live and in the studio with big names in Brazilian and international music. His name is present in the data sheet...

4 So_Alegria

Quarteto Só Alegria

The quartet formed by musicians Celso Silva, Eduardo Neves, Luís  Barcelos and Rogério Caetano, recorded an album released in 2013 with  music copyright. On the CD “Only Joy”, samba, choro,...



A meeting of two great musicians, virtuosos with their instruments, two artists who share a common vision of eclectic music, in order to reconcile the rigor of a scholar fertile...

1 - MarcioBahia-300dpi

Marcio Bahia

He started playing drums as an autodidact. He had his first lessons with drummer Sérgio Murilo in his hometown, Niterói, RJ. Also studied classical percussion at Villa Lobos School of...

Jorge cardoso

Jorge Cardoso

He began his career as a self taught musician and later studied form bandolin with Elismar Bridges, César and Marco Ugo Orlandi. Established itself as a composer and scholar of...

Joao Donato

João Donato

Instrumentalist (pianist and accordionist). Arranger. Singer. Composer. Father of three children: Jodel, Joana and Donatinho. Born in Rio Branco, state of Acre, he used to play music with bamboo small...

Fracois de lima IV

François de Lima Quartet

François de Lima began playing trombone at 10 years of age, and at 16 was playing professionally. In the 80s he was part of the bands Fabio Jr, Roberto Carlos,...

filarmonica israel

Filarmonica Israel Gomes

Formed by children between 8 and 15 years! Established: October 2005 Location: Carnforth-PE Maestro: Gilson Malachi Assistant: Caca Malachi Recorded a DVD in Sta Isabel Theatre in Recife in 2009...

duo fel


The Duofel was formed in 1977 by the instrumentalists/composers Fernando Melo and Luiz Bueno. Self-taught musicians, they became acquainted with each other in the city of São Paulo in that...



Roberto and Eduardo Taufic DUO is the result of the union of two experienced instrumentalists celebrating a partnership more than familiar. The versatility and the peculiar sound of Duo reveals...


Bandão Choro Jazz

The Bandão Choro Jazz is the result of a commitment to quality music and the result of a work from the classes of the School Choro Jazz, formed by students...

agua de moringa

Água de Moringa

Contemporary choro instrumental group formed by musicians of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (Uni-Rio) in 1989, the Água de Moringa was quickly recognized as a creative and solidly...