duo fel

The Duofel was formed in 1977 by the instrumentalists/composers Fernando Melo and Luiz Bueno.

Self-taught musicians, they became acquainted with each other in the city of São Paulo in that year, when they were playing in the prog rock band Boissucanga. Having formed the duo, they departed immediately for a trip through Pernambuco, Paraíba, and Alagoas, playing in fairs and on streets, and absorbing the folkloric and rhythmic material of Northeastern Brazil. Returning to São Paulo in 1978, they began to backup singers like Chico de Abreu and Tato Fischer, who introduced them to the singer Tetê Espí¬ndola, with whom the Duofel really started as a professional act. In 1985, the duo participated in the Festival dos Festivais, writing the arrangement and backing Espíndola on the song “Escrito Nas Estrelas,” which won the festival.

Since that, they play throughout Brazil and has already played in other countries as well, leading to peculiar music Duo for a large number of spectators.