Jorge cardoso

He began his career as a self taught musician and later studied form bandolin with Elismar Bridges, César and Marco Ugo Orlandi. Established itself as a composer and scholar of Brazilian instrumental music.

As a soloist mandolin develops musical activity publicizing the music Brazilian public of various countries. Recorded several CDs among which Pernambuco’s Music, with the Workshop String of Pernambuco (1993), Musical Journey group at Northeastern Brazil (label French Alvidis, 1994), Sound Mandolin (1996 solo CD nominated for the Sharp Award category Breakthrough Instrumental), The Bambas Mandolin (1998 Kuarup compilation discs), Festival de Choro RJ “Crying in Rio” (2002), mandolin Brazil (2007) and A Weeping mandolin (2009).

Participated in CDs and concerts by various artists of Brazilian Popular Music as Hermeto Pascoal, Raimundo Fagner, Beth Carvalho, Orchestra Eleazar de Carvalho (playing concertos for mandolin Gnattali Radames), Fausto Nilo, Carrilho (flutist), José Menezes (Ceará musician ) and many other musicians of Brazilian culture.

He taught at the Brazilian cavaquinho Choro Raphael Rabello School (1998-2001) and professor of Brazilian popular bandolin at the Music School of Brasília (2002-2004 and 2009-2010). Won the 1st place in the Choro Festival of Rio de Janeiro (2001) sponsored by the Museum of Image and Sound in Rio de Janeiro – MIS, with the composition of his own entitled Balançadinho written for mandolin and regional groups.

Participated in the International Festival of La Coruña “Ciudad de Cristal”, Spain, with the Quartet Jorge Cardoso (2004), with the Trio Jorge Cardoso (2006), and in Duo with guitarist Fabiano Borges (2012).

Resided in Italy, from October 2004 to 2008, where he graduated in Bandolin Scholar at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Milan with a scholarship granted by the Italian government. Participated as the mandolin mandolins and guitars from Brescia under the direction of Maestro Ugo Orlandi and Claudio Mandonico Orchestra, having performed several concerts in Italy, France and Germany. Attended the Fifth National Meeting of Choro da UNICAMP, on 27/04/2009, as a speaker on the “accents of crying” along with musical performance. In January 2010 and 2011, participated as professor of mandolin and ukulele, XXVIII and XXIX in Music Workshop of Curitiba.

In 2011, masters degree course graduate of the University of Brasilia in research aimed at musicology line. In 2012, he moved to Fortaleza, which develops activities as a musician and architect of Posts.

Since July 2013, is a doctoral student at Federal University of Ceará in search of Education, Curriculum and Teaching, main theme of teaching music online.